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As an Executive Coach, I serve as your peer-level resource for inspiration, new ideas, and perspectives. In my role as your personal coach, I act as a trusted sparring partner, a mirror, providing reflective insights, offering supportive assistance at all times, and an integral colleague, standing by your side in partnership.

My goal is to support you in your development processes and also in the accomplishment of your personal and professional goals.

You have now reached your top position ...

a level you have always dreamed of. As a driving force determining the course and making crucial decisions, you are faced with the challenge of mastering changes with confidence. Previously, you could engage with colleagues on an equal footing and collaboratively develop solutions, but now you often find yourself alone.

How do you skillfully manage challenging situations, different personalities, and conflicts?

Finding the balance between your leadership role...

in the company and your personal life is no easy task.

How do you manage not to lose sight of your profession, family concerns, and your own well-being?

This is where coaching comes into play ...

not only when you already hold a leadership position but also on your journey towards one.

As a reliable sparring partner ...

I assist you in exploring the best courses of action and finding necessary resources, whether it's dealing with challenges or planning your career.


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Why should I be able to help you solve your Challenges?

After completing my international business studies, working for a decade as a management consultant at renowned international management consulting firms and holding senior management positions for 15 years, I have been taking on mandates as an Executive & Business Coach since 2010.

Given my extensive leadership experience, I am intimately familiar with the high demands placed on executives. I incorporate the insights gained from my diverse global experiences into my coaching work. Combining my knowledge in international management with specialized coaching expertise and my passion for helping people unleash their full potential, I assist individuals in recognizing and living their unique strengths.

Throughout my professional journey, I have often been involved in complex change processes, business development, and organizational development as part of my management responsibilities. The diversity of international work has always fascinated me, and I relish operating in various cultural environments.


Till supported me in conceptualizing and gradually implementing a transformation in a complex environment (international, involving many stakeholders, special interest groups). His ability to flexibly and quickly adapt to various role models, from executive coaching to supervision and mentoring, and even consulting, provided excellent support in the required manner. His analytical, constructive, and benevolent approach made it pleasant to work with him.

Ivo S., IT Manager, International Industrial Corporation

Externally, I am a very successful entrepreneur with a good societal status that has not fulfilled me for quite some time. With Till, I have managed to discover completely new realms of life over several sessions and offsite sessions, integrating them into my life and giving me renewed energy.

Patrick S., CEO, Mid-sized Technology Company

Despite initial strong resistance, Till succeeded in aligning the international sales teams in the DACH region to co-create a new sales organization and subsequently live the new model with high commitment.

Herwig H., Managing Director DACH, International MedTech Corporation 

Why Executives

Seek Executive Coaching with Me

Performance Enhancement

The desire is to achieve higher efficiency and effectiveness in the leadership role, aiming for outstanding performance and stakeholder engagement.

Personal Development

The goal is to enhance personal leadership skills, communication competencies, and self-management abilities for professional success, while also satisfying the balancing act with private and family life.

Feedback and Self-Reflection
The aspiration is to receive honest and constructive feedback, as well as to have space for self-reflection to enhance personal efficiency. This is often done in an offsite setting due to its energizing effect and sustainability
Strategic Alignment
The desire is to identify strong visions, strategies, and goals and ensure their implementation and transformation along a sophisticated change architecture. 
Conflict Management
The goal is to resolve conflicts from a complete 360° perspective, involving all stakeholders.
Change Management

The desire is to develop strategies and actionable paths to navigate through challenging change processes and transformations successfully.

Strengthening Resilience
The goal is to recognize and effectively manage stressors, develop resilience, and improve work-life balance.
Career Planning and Reorientation
The goal is to prepare for future leadership roles or seek a professional, personal, or private reorientation. It involves clarifying professional goals in harmony with personal values, becoming aware of strengths, and strategically setting a path to achieve those goals.
Effective Communication

Der Wunsch ist, die eigenen Kommunikationsfähigkeiten auszubauen, sei es in Reportings, Aufsichtsrats-/ Vorstands-/ Geschäftsführungssitzungen, oder auch mit Peers oder Mitarbeitenden.

Team Development

Der Wunsch ist, die Management-Teams in ihrem Prozess zur Verbesserung der Zusammenarbeit und Effektivität coachend zu begleiten, um eine bessere Teamdynamik und Leistungskraft, als auch ein höheres Engagement, nachhaltig zu erreichen. 


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D     +49 160 562 7508
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